What’s Scarier Than Success? Zombies!

Also known as, “Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnssss”


There we have it.  It’s not really about starting over, but that’s what I’ve done.  For awhile, I gave up on writing articles about divorce, family, etc… and went into developing a cloud computing product line for my company, that’s going to be the coolest thing since Amazon’s EC2.  It’s got a cool name, and I’ve developed a new concept around how we see the cloud, and how we interact with it [ object driven is not only cool, but it's sexy too ]

But in the back of my mind, I remembered all the writing.  All the people I met, and killer fun concepts that I put on the back burner [ Welcome back Insomniac Parental Guide ]

And I got to do interviews, cause for some reason the site was getting popular and a PR firm took notice.  I must of done something right. [ Missed ya! ]

While writing though, I would hear some of the saddest stories that I could of ever imagined.  Lonely hearts, aching souls, and tired single parents.  [ Support is free. A Coke would get you an extra hour ]

And then there was the large quantity of quirky, goofy, funny people that just made the time that much more enjoyable.

But for a blog, the important attribute is an audience.  So, why do we write? Cause there is someone out there who might listen. [ *Crickets* ]

Just might… It will be interesting to see if I get them back.

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